What is the background and significance of the topic or problem the proposed research is trying to address?

Your research proposal must include the following:1. Title of research proposal – A descriptive title foryour proposed project. (2 Points)2. Abstract – An abstract is to be included describingthe key points of the proposal. The abstract must be 500 words or less. (This is usually donelast.) (5 Points)3. Introduction – The introduction must include thefollowing:3a. What is the goal of this project? (What is the focusof study?) (5 Points)3b. What is the research question(s) or hypothesis(es) tobe addressed by the proposed research? (5 Points)3c. What are the identified or expected independentvariable(s) and dependent variable(s) that are the focus of the study? (5Points)3d. What is the background and significance of the topicor problem the proposed research is trying to address? (What happened? Why isthe proposed research important? Why is it worthy of funding?) (5 Points)The introduction must be ½ to 1 page in length.4. Review of the Literature – A review of the literaturerelated to the research is to be presented.4a. What does the previous literature tell us about thetopic or problem? (5 Points)4b. How does the proposed research proposal relate to theprevious research? Will the proposed research test any of the findings fromprevious research? (5 Points)4c. What will be the gain from the new research? Will welearn something we do not already know? Will we see if it improves anidentified or new community in some way? (5 Points)The literature review must contain a minimum of five (5)articles that provide insight to the research proposal. (Do not select thefirst five [5] articles you find. Select the five [5] articles that are mostrelevant to your research proposal.) The literature review should synthesizethe important information from the articles as it relates to your researchquestion. It should not just be an overview of each article. Ideally mostcomments in the literature review will be associated with more than onearticle. This section must include in-textcitations from the articles. References must be included at theend of the research proposal. The literature review must be 1½ to 3 pages in length.5. Methods – The methods section is the most importantpart of this assignment. The methods section should include the following:5a. Is the proposed research qualitative or quantitative?(3 Points)5b. How will the identified or expected independentvariable(s) and dependent variable(s) be measured? (What is the level ofmeasurement used for each?) (10 Points)5c. What is the population to be studied? In detail, howwill you identify and select participants or social artifacts to be included inthis study? (5 Points)5d. What type of research method will be used to completethe proposed study? Why is the selected method the best choice for the proposedstudy? (10 Points)5e. What questions will be asked to participants or howwill you observe participants to gain data about your research question? Thelist of the questions to be asked to the participants or used to assessselected social artifacts must be provided. (The list of questions, questioninstrument or question schedule is usually included in an appendix but you areto include it in this section for the assignment.) (20 Points)5f. Will the process provide participants with anonymityor confidentiality? What are the possible risks to participants who participatein the proposed study? How does the proposed study attempt to protectparticipants from this risk? Are there any other ethical issues that need to beconsidered? (10 Points)The methods section must be 4 to10 pages in length and must completely address 5a through 5f.The references and in-text citationsfor your proposal are to be properly formatted. If you do not use the AmericanSociological Association (ASA) style guide format to complete the proposal youmust identify the style guide you use (ex. APA, MLA, etc.). If the assignmenthas style guide issues it may result in a grade deduction of up to 10 points.The proposal is expected to be free of grammaticalerrors, have correct spelling, be producedin 12-point font, double-spaced with 1.25-page margins, and be easy to read. Ifthe assignment has any of these issues it may result in a grade deduction of upto 10 points.