what is so modern about modernrism

What is so Modern about Modernism?Due date: Feb 14 2022 by 11:59 pm (Sorry, I forgot to change this to a later date in Canvas. This is the revised due date)Points: This assignment will be worth 75 points.Paper length: this short response paper should be around 400 – 500 words, about 1 1/2 to 2 pages.I would like you to tell me how you understand Modernism based on the readings we’ve discussed.Your grade will be based on how well you can answer the prompt using the reading.Step 1:Make sure you have read the following readings in order to answer the prompt:Culture & Values – CH 21: The Contemporary ContourExperience Humanities – CH 21: The Zenith of ModernismCulture & Values – Chapter 22: The Contemporary WorldStep 2:Choose one specific work that you believe best represents the Modernist movement and argue why it is the best example of Modernism.PromptBased on the readings mentioned above, name one thing that you believe points to a difference between Modernism and the styles and culture that came before it.As an example, please choose what you see as an approach to any art form (such as music, painting, dance, sculpture, etc.), a style in society, or even a philosophical view. Make it clear why it is something of a “Modernist” era, rather than something from an era that came before it.Choose one specific work that you believe best represents the Modernist movement from one of the arts (music, painting, dance, sculpture, etc.), and research it. The artwork you’ve chosen does not have to come from CH 21 or CH 22- you can choose something not covered in those pages. However, I would like you to use Chapters 21 & 22 as a part of your research.You should use other sources – what art critics have said about the artwork to help you understand its meaning and significance. Good places to start areJSTOR (Links to an external site.)CSUN Digital LibraryLinks to an external site.Google Books (Links to an external site.)You must use quotes from the readings as the basis of your understanding of the difference between Modernism and what came before it. You can use the citation format (title, page) to let me know where you are getting your quote. And please use a “Works Cited” at the bottom of the page to let me know what you used as research.NOTE: please do not block quote- keep your quoted references to around 8 to 10 words.Below is an example of how I would like you to format your Works Cited: