What is operations and supply chain management (OSCM)?

1. What is operations and supply chain management (OSCM)?
The design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firms primary products and services.
2. What are the distinct attributes of operations versus supply chain processes?
Operations: Manufacturing and service process used to transform the resources performed and employed by a firm into products desired by customers.
Planning these processes involves analyzing capacity, labor, and material needs over time.Must ensure quality and make ongoing improvements to these processes.Supply chain: Processes that move information and material to and from the manufacturing and service process of the firm.
Include the logistics processes that physically move product and the warehousing and storage processes that position products for quick delivery to the customer.3. How does Operations impact the triple bottom line?
The triple bottom line considers evaluating a firm against social, economic, and environmental basis.
4. Share your thoughts how manufacturing operations may change the environmental landscape. How can a service operation reduce waste to lessen environmental impact?
Changes in landscape from operations can happen often Pollution from emissions, recycling materials, Usage of water, Clearing out land for new warehouses, and simply changing to more environmentally friendly choices overall can make a huge difference. How the planet treats us depends on how we treat the planet and I believe very firm should lean towards a more environmentally friendly way of conducting their business.
I would start off with a small business with more control and expand from there, of course depending on the type of business. Once the trust is there with others in the company control can be delegated as necessary. The challenge is getting others to see your full vision and trusting in them to do their job. Far too many people either cheat the system or do the bare minimum, working just enough to not get fired and just enough to get by never looking for more. Cash would come from either business loans or from investors that would help start the business but would be paid back fairly quickly. We are all creative in our own ways, and keeping the business creative and different from others is what sets you apart from the others.