What is an argument/thesis statement you can develop from this article for use in your Short Assignment One and the Critique Essay?

Procedure·Re-read your article·Look for the main idea, which is often stated or heavily implied at thebeginning and the end.· What is an argument/thesisstatement you can develop from this article for use in your Short AssignmentOne and the Critique Essay? Develop a thesis statement for the firstparagraph of an essay—it usually is its last sentence.·Develop the second paragraph which identifiesthe article title, the full name of the author and a brief summary of what theauthor is discussing in this article.
Develop Thesis Statement:
Develop 2nd Paragraph:
REVERSEOUTLINE: A reverse outlineconcentrates your paper into its main points, its essence. What’s left is abullet point list or quick-reference description of what’s actually in thearticle/draft.– YOU CAN DOTHE ENTIRE ARTICLE OUTLINE PARAGRAPH BY PARAGRAPH OR GROUP SOMEPARAGRAPHS for your outline as follows: paras. 6-7, paras. 10-12, paras. 13-14,paras. 14-16, etc.
break down your source’s argument. For the first row, write down some of thecontext (i.e., author and title, genre, publication date, and subject). For thesecond row, add the argument breakdown (issue, thesis, reasons).
Title andAuthor:
Publication Date:
Thesis Statement:
Evidence: just name ofsource(s), organization(s), individual(s), publication(s)