“What is a normal life”

In light of our readings this semester, and of your own lifeexperience, write an essay that attempts to answer the question:“What is a normal life?”
You may want to consider:–the importance of health/wellness(physical and mental)–the effects/ side effects of L-Dopaon patients–the lessons we learn from thosewho sacrifice–what may constitute the joy oflife–what we have learned about the wayto be in this only life of ours–and how we (should) help others
Whatever approach youtake in writing this essay, be sure to reference information from at least 4of the sources below. As this is an English 24, you must provide specificquotations, citations, and references to enhance your argument. Use MLA methods for creating a logicallydeveloped essay that includes a thesis and a logical structuring of paragraphs.
oSacks’s “The Last Hippie”oSacks’s “A Surgeon’s Life”oPlato’s The Allegory of The CaveoDavidson and Lytle’s “From Rosie to Lucy”oJean Kilbourne’s “The Dangerous Ways Ads See Women”oKafka’s The Metamorphosis