What human rights or injustice issues do you observe in your community or workplace?

A population may be at risk as a result of social injustice in our society. Some groups are integrally at higher risk than others for certain undesirable outcomes. It is very important we recognize that these at-risk populations experience intersectionality by virtue of being members of different groups. These groups could be women, people of color, gay, lesbians, Asian Americans, immigrants, homeless, or Hispanic people receiving public assistance. These factors can increase the risk of social and economic injustices, powerlessness, and alienation.Based on chapter 11, share your experience working with these groups from your community or neighborhood. Be sure to discuss the following questions in a written paper.What human rights or injustice issues do you observe in your community or workplace?What do you think your community or your State legislators should do about these issues?What would be your role as a human services worker with these groups/communities?You are required to follow the guidelines below when submitting this assignment:Type in Microsoft Word, double spaced, 12 pt. font size, Times New Roman or Arial fontFour (4) to Six (6) pagesUse articles, Waggoner library database, Google search, and scholarly journals to support your response.Write in a clear, concise, and organized manner.Demonstrate ethical understanding in accurate representation and attribution of sourcesComply with the Trevecca Modified APA 7th Edition Style GuideUtilize Grammarly to ensure proper spelling and grammar