What friendships would you say represent close relationships?

Essay questions. Please answer in as much detail as possible. Most answers are taken from the text, but you may research from the internet as well if needed.
1.As a man or woman, do your friendships seem to follow the gender-based patterns that are described in the chapter? Explain how so, or how your friendships are different than typical for your gender.
2. In meeting new acquaintances and forming new friendships, what caused you to like or dislike a person in your initial encounters with him or her? How did proximity, familiarity, physical attractiveness (and matching up), and desirable personality characteristics play a role? Was your experience comparable to or different from the trends described in this part of the chapter?
3. What friendships would you say represent close relationships? Did you experience the paradox of close relationships?
4. It’s been suggested that traditional gender roles make marriage a “better deal” for husbands than for wives. Do you agree? Can you think of specific examples in which an individual (husband or wife) can get a “better deal” than the other in a marriage?
5.What do you think are the biggest adjustments a person has to make when entering a marriage? Can you think of any strategies that could be used to minimize the stress associated with these adjustments?
You can write short paragraphs if you would like. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Thank you.