What effect have sexologists had on law and custom?

**Quality matters more than Quantity…(Demonstrate an understanding of basic concepts, theories, and research related to the course; Connect course material to the lived experience of self, others, and current events; Critically examine and apply sociological research to course material, demonstrating written communication skills.)
Read Seidman Chapter 1, “The Science of Sex: Sexology and Psychoanalysis”Choose one Reading from Stombler Chapter 2, Chapter 1, “Investigating Sexuality”Write an essay answering the following questions:Summarize the reading from the Seidman text. (use below questions as a guide)What is sexology?What are the key ideas of sexology?How has the purpose of sexology changed over the years?What effect have sexologists had on law and custom?In general, what do sexologists see as the purpose of human sexuality?Freud’s version of human sexuality varies significantly from the others discussed in this chapter. Explain how (more than just the statement on page 8).– What are the key elements of Freud’s theory? Include stages of development, the Oedipal complex, etc.– Why is Freud’s view of sexuality important?^What surprised you or made you want to know more?How does the reading from the Stombler text inform or contradict what you read in the Seidman text?