What does my digital identity look like right now?

● Healthy Digital Identity and Footprint
Situation: You’ve spent a lot of time online, but youhaven’t really thought much about the consequences of your actions online. Youdecide to do some reflection on what you do online and how you can act onlinein a way that is positive and safe.Task: you are going to answer the following questionsfor yourself:● What does my digital identity look like right now?● What actions am I taking online? What stuff (videos,posts, accounts, etc) am I putting online? How could these affect me in thefuture?● How has technology affected how I relate or connect topeople around me? To my community? To my culture? Give an example● What are some actions I can take to keep myself and otherssafe and healthy? Then answer reflection questions (see below).
Choose one Microsoft office program that would complete yourtask the best: Word, Excel, OR PowerPoint.Then make something using that program that covers all thebullet points of your task.Make sure you are using a variety of strategies (2–3) toexplain your topic: illustrations, analogies, current events, images, videos,graphic organizers, etc.Show me yourMicrosoft Office skills!Make sure to cite your sources for what pictures you use!(if you use them).Make sure you aren’tusing outside sources for information; I want to know what you know! When youhave finished your task, add one more section or slide titled “Reflection.”Answer the following questions:1. Set a goal for your learning about this topic. What doyou want to learn more about?2. Why did you use Word/Excel/PowerPoint? 3. Tell me aboutone feature of Word/Excel/PowerPoint that helped you explain your topic well.


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