What does biblical teaching tell us about conspicuous consumption?

Thorstein Veblen put forth the notion of clothing being a strongindication of “conspicuous consumption” in his book, The Theory of theLeisure Class: An Economic Study in the Evolution of Institutions.Although beginning during the late Middle Ages, fashions of the 17th and18th centuries were particularly characteristic of this notion.
Read the essay entitled Thorstein Veblen by Michael Carter on https://fashion-history.lovetoknow.com/fashion-history-eras/thorstein-veblen.View the portraits of men and women in Chapters 9 and 10,describing how fashions from this period demonstrate this theory, usingappropriate vocabulary.What are some examples of conspicuous consumption in today’s fashion world andWhat does biblical teaching tell us about conspicuousconsumption? Be certain to address all 4 aspects of the Discussionprompt.


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What does biblical teaching tell us about conspicuous

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