What do you think the basic principles of humanitarianism should be?

For your first two page micropaper we would like you to think creatively and synthetically across the last three weeks of assignments:the two readings (Gulwali’s book and Michael Barnett’s article), the New Humanitarianism podcast, and the documentary on Sergio de Mello to answer the following questions
What do you think the basic principles of humanitarianism should be?First, define (your definition) humanitarianism.Second, identify at least three principles that you think should guide humanitarian work.Third, explain, illustrate, defend your definition and principles drawing from at least two of the assignments of the last two weeks. one of these assignments could be the effect of covid on humanitarian assistance like lack of volunteers and social injustice in the camps
Expectations and Grading Rubric for the micro-papers.A) Turning in the paper — 1pt*so you might as well do that.B) Grammar + general organization and clarity — 2 pts*We assess the use of grammar, organization and clarity of the paper. If you are still wondering about your success in any of these three areas, take a walk to the Writing Center for assistance http://writing.umn.edu/Links to an external site.The book Elements of Style by Strunk and White is still an invaluable resource as well, if you need to double check.C) Did you answer the prompt? 3 pts*Please make sure that you directly answer the prompt and follow any instructions for doing so. There is no necessarily ‘right’ answer to the prompt, but we do need to see you answering it and responding to it.D) Use of readings — 2 pts*Integrate the readings from any of the weeks before the paper is due to answer the prompt, to get 1point you have to reference in detail at least two readings and to get 2 points you have to reference more than two.E) Pertinence of paper to broad themes of the course — 2 pts*How does the prompt, the specific readings use, and your argument resonate with or reflect the broad themes of the course, i.e., what does it mean to be a humanitarian, to do humanitarianism? How does the philosophy of humanitarianism and the policy of humanitarianism coincide or not? The broad themes of the course are going to be developed as we go through the course, and we will make note of them so there are no hidden themes


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Write a paper develop a teaching plan for one of the following vulnerable populations: Native Americans, Sexual Trafficked teenage Asian girls, LGBTQ persons, Opioid abusers, Children of migrant farm workers, Persons with bipolar disorder, Pregnant teenagers, Persons who are HIV+, War veterans with PTSD, Others requires professor permission.

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