What do you know about this topic from courses you have taken and/or academic literature?

PART ONE of THREE (Peer-Reviewed Research Paper)
Research Database: Peer-Reviewed Articles Only, such as Google Scholar
Research Question/Topic:Are Social Movements counterintuitive in resolving social justice?
Primary aims to consider while conducting our research:
Are they creating more division?Have they achieved anything notable?What’s the Narrative?What’s their Mission?What’s their Purpose and Reason for Existence?Identify some, if any Significant Events.How does Society view them?How is it shaping our society?
Primary Groups that will be researched and discussed:-Antifa-All Lives Matter-Blue Lives Matter-Black Lives Matter-Black Panther Party-Freedom Convoy-Me Too
Please submit a 500-1,000 word paper that identifies the topic of your project and the primary aims of this. Your paper, in-text citations, and reference list should be in APA format. Please see the following links.General format (font, title page etc.)In-text citationsReference listIn creating your topic statement, consider the following:Briefly discuss the topic you are researching. Consider: What is your topic? What is interesting about your topic? Why are you drawn to studying your topic? Why would someone else be interested in your topic?What do you know about this topic from courses you have taken and/or academic literature? Please list an initial literature review of several academic journals and/or books that you have looked at. These sources may change as you continue with your project but at this stage, you should have completed some reading.How are you going to narrow your topic into a project doable in fifteen weeks? What search terms will you use? Where will you concentrate your efforts? How will your research give insight into the topic you have chosen?State your research question.