What caused the Consumer Revolution, and how did it change American life?

Answer this question using this week’s reading and viewing materials.Make your answer a well-structured essay of 750 words, plus or minus 10%.Be sure to cite your sources using Chicago Manual of Style notes bibliography style.
Please refer to the videos on the Essay Writing Help page for information on this writing formand the requirements regarding citation of sources in Chicago Manual of Style format.
These are the course objectives for this assignment:CO1: Students will be able to recall and classify factors that relate to issues of gender, race, religion, and economic status in US society from early settlement to 1877.CO3: Students will be able to identify and explain the gradual construction of the nation’s identity.CO4: Students will be able to discuss and explain connections between historical events as well as describe historical changes over time.CO5: Students will be able to interpret, explain, and organize historical material relating to the comparative experience of the groups and societies that formed the United States.CO8: Students will be able to analyze primary historical sources, thus, demonstrating critical reading skills.