What are the special handling procedures for this special cargo?

Submit a paper (1-3 pages) written on one of the nine categories of special cargo:Dangerous goodsFragile cargoHeavy/outsized cargoHuman remainsLive animalsMagnetized materialsPerishable cargoValuable and vulnerable cargoWet cargo
Take a factious cargo airline you have developed- (develop one by using your creativity)and add a Special Cargo category to goods carried on your aircraft.
Most of these questions will have to be addressed using the current laws and guidelinesdeveloped by IATA DGR. Explain in the paper:
Why does this fall under the category of special cargo?Address the (3) areas that make it fall under special cargo (see ppt.)What are the special handling procedures for this special cargo? Explain in detail…What type of packing is required?Is there any specific area you cannot ship to geographically or are there any government restrictions on shipping this cargo (internationally & domestically speaking)What specific type of aircraft, containers, and or pallets would be used to transport this?What (if any) regulations are related to the transport of this cargo?Is there a difference in the handling of this cargo internationally as opposed todomestically?What does IATA say about this special good in handling procedures?As a manager in air cargo, what type of training would be required for employees whohandle this cargo? How would you maintain keeping the procedures updated? As alwaysuse your critical thinking skills when asking questions throughout your paper. Also,utilize proper business terms, both management and from your cargo terms list.Please include URL from any articles used
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