What are the major points of the stories (brief summary)?

reflection paper – on Gospel (limit: 4 pages, typed double spaced, 12 point type). In these papers, you will· Select two of the passages discussed in class from the Gospel· What are the major points of the stories (brief summary)?· What insights do the stories give into who Jesus is? How to others in the stories respond to Jesus?· What challenge do these texts giveo To you: How might this text change you?o To the Church/Christianity: How should the contemporary Church change to align with this teaching?
Here are the assigned readings in Mark for class discussion and analysis:2/1: Mark 1:1-14 and 3:1-12. The Urgency of the Proclamation and the Authority of Jesus2/3: Mark 6:31-52, 8:1-10, and 8:17-21. Feeding the Multitudes and Walking on Water2/8: Mark 8:27-38. Who is Jesus? What kind of Messiah dies? What is a Disciple?2/10: Mark 9:32-52: Those who followed… What are you asking? Son of Timaeus2/15: Mark 14-16: The Passion
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