What are the Kennedy family views on release?

Research this assassination that rocked the United States. This a system research paper where you will research the crime, the sentence, prison life, parole eligibility conditions, who makes up a parole board, elderly prisoner releases, and the impact district attorneys and victims have on the process. At the end of your detailed research and answering the following questions (in order) you will sum up your opinion about Sirhan’s release, just as if you are the governor of California.1) Why did Sirhan target Senator Kennedy?2) Review California Parole Board release requirements to determine what makes Sirhan eligible for release. What criteria did they use to determine legal eligibility for parole?3) Prosecutors participate in parole hearings, frequently on the part of the victim’s family, but DA Gascon declined. What do you think about his decision not to participate? You will need to research this role to understand.4) What are the Kennedy family views on release? What do you think of the divide now causing this family more pain decades later?5) Governor Newsom has the ultimate decision to release Sirhan. Would you release Sirhan if you were governor?Requirements:MLA format with sources cited page required.Minimum of four (4) resources other than those provided in the body of the assignment.The required length of the paper is a minimum four full pages. If you use a long quote you must add to the length of your paper.INCLUDE A COVER SHEET with an original title, class name, instructor name, student name, and date.Standard page layout with 1” margins, double spaced and 12-point font required. (Carefully reviewed so follow this format)All papers submitted will be checked for plagiarism (So make sure to properly identify your sources!).