What are some strategies for assisting a Mature Work Group?

Please answer each section separately, there are 2 sections. At least 200+ words each section. Please use the book attached as reference.
The Mature Work Group Ch. 9What does a Mature Work Group look and sound like?What are some strategies for assisting a Mature Work Group?What are some expected outcomes of a Mature Work Group?
Section 2 – (reactions from the 5th stepd of group evolution which is Adjournment. pull some info from book to answer NEED, NEW, and NOW.
In this last week as we terminate (McRae & Short, 2010) or adjourn (Tuckman as cited in Schein, 2017), what are some reactions team members may be expected to have?
Which of the experiences/concepts/ideas learned in class have been the most impactful in the NEED (needed to know or hadn’t really thought about before), NEW (something I didn’t know before) and NOW (something I can apply right now) areas we have discussed each week?