What are some other areas where Nursing Informatics is important as a discipline?

Nursing informatics works to develop communication and information technologies into clinical practice. However, this study is far more important to the discipline than just data analysis and connection. This discipline allows for growth in the industry using emerging technologies, data analysis, and changes in practice. Often, this occurs through the use of project management, to take a need, change, or issue, and identify a solution to implement in practice.
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Based on your experience with your small nursing informatics project, the materials provided, and evidence collection, how might you explain the value of nursing informatics and project management in nursing practice? How does nursing informatics align with technology, and how is it far more than just data collection and analysis?
For this Discussion, reflect on the implementation (or proposed implementation) of your small nursing informatics project. Think about the value of the project management as it relates to nursing informatics and consider how nursing informatics impacts nursing practice and healthcare.
To PrepareReflect on the last 10 weeks of the course, considering what you may have learned or experienced. Focus on the assigned learning materials, discussions, and projects.Reflect on the concepts of nursing informatics, project management, and technology that you have examined throughout this course.Consider how you might connect the topics and concepts that you have examined in this course to your healthcare organization or nursing practice.Reflect on other areas of nursing informatics in which you may be interested.Reflect on the value of developing a small nursing informatics project, including the specific applications and processes of implementation.How might the concepts and competencies of project management assist you in the development of your DNP Project or dissertation?By Day 3 of Week 11Post a cohesive response that reflects on what you have examined in this course regarding the value of nursing informatics and how it may impact your clinical practice.
What are some other areas where Nursing Informatics is important as a discipline?How might Nursing Informatics align with technology?Explain how it is more than data analysis and collection in today’s practice. Be specific and provide examples.What are some other areas where project management is important as a discipline?How does project management align with technology?How does project management align with everyday practice and other processes? Be specific.Do you see it as an organizational framework and thought process? Why or why not?


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Research Design Research design refers to the specific type of study that you will conduct. Research design is normally consistent with one’s philosophical worldview and the methodological approach the researcher chooses. In this case, you are using a quantitative methodology.

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In a brief, succinct, but complete manner, respond to each of the following questions. In each case, you must base your response on specific passages from the text of the play and reference those passages in your answer. Your responses may, of necessity, be based upon your interpretation, which is fine (good, even!), but should nonetheless be rooted in evidence from the scriipt to which you can point. Your responses should also be considered in the context of and address the play’s “main action” or “super-objective.” The written responses need not be lengthy. Work on your own paper. Be sure your responses are typed or word processed.

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Research a minimum of five reliable resources (Wikipedia is not a reliable resource). Three resources must be from the library database (i.e. journal articles, books). Two resources may be from credible internet sites.