What are some of the strongest memories you have of this pregnancy?

1. Your title is the title of the prompt.2. Write at least 150 words in at least 6 sentences. You may write more than one paragraph–DO NOT USE BULLET POINTS.REMINDERS:SUBMIT your Reflection before the deadline on the Course Calendar.See the Rubric in Eagle Online Canvas for the scoring details.Remember to write a total of at least 150 words in standard academic English.Write in a narrative style using paragraphs (not bullet points).Write your reply in the textbox; do not add attachments.Your work must be original—do NOT plagiarize the textbook or the researchers. Paraphrase the information in the book, do NOT copy it. You may use no more than one quotation from the textbook in your answer. You are not required to use a quote, but if you use a quote, put it in quotation marks, and put the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence.Please use headings in bold to begin each section.You can DO this!#2 Prenatal DevelopmentIf possible, interview your mother and father (if this is not possible, try an aunt, or uncle, or grandparent) about your own prenatal development. Use the following questions to get started.Was this a planned pregnancy?Was this your first baby?How did you find out you were pregnant?How did you feel?Were you working?When did you see a doctor?Did you take vitamins?When did you start feeling the baby?When did you begin wearing maternity clothes?What changes did your body go through?What are some of the strongest memories you have of this pregnancy?Did you have any prenatal tests?How did your lifestyle change?Did you smoke? Drink alcohol? Drink coffee or tea? Take any drugs?Did you know the sex of the baby before the birth? Did you have a preference for a boy or a girl? How did you feel when you found out the sex of your baby?When did you decide on a name for the baby?Did you attend any special classes or workshops about childbirth, nursing, etc.?Did you know of any preexisting conditions?Where were you living?Were there any features/characteristics you were hoping the baby would have? Were there any you were hoping the baby would not have?How much of your spouse’s medical history did you know? In retrospect, how important would that have been?What role/expectations did you have for this child?What influenced your decision to have a child at this time?Did you have any trouble conceiving? Did you expect to have any trouble getting pregnant?Now, reflect on what you learned. How do you think your own pregnancy (or your wife’s) will be (was) the same or different than your mother’s?# 3 BirthYou may (a) consult with your parents about your own birth, (b) interview a new parent about her birth experience, or (c) consider the birth of your own child(ren). Please discuss the following in your journal:Describe the events leading up to the delivery. Where did the delivery take place? Who was present? Was any medication used? Was the birth experience as you expected it to be?What was your initial reaction to the newborn? How soon were you able to hold the baby? When did you name the child? If you stayed in a hospital, describe your experience after the birth.What were the first weeks at home like? What problems did you experience? How was having a baby different than you expected? Describe a typical day at home during the first weeks after the baby was born.