What are some of the ethical issues Lululemon caused?

Case Study #3 Written Review Case Information: “Lululemon: Encouraging a Healthier Lifestyle” Ferrell (Case 12). Objective: Prepare a written review (APA, 5 pages including cover and reference pages, and cite at least 2 outside sources) that answers the following questions: At this point, in the course, you should be able to incorporate terms and the ethical philosophies employed by the authors of the text. Further, you need to support your statements with evidence or explain your deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is very important in supporting our views, as not all views have concrete evidence.1. What are some of the ethical issues Lululemon caused? (no need for different perspectives for this question. Just analyze this question.)2. How has Lululemon dealt appropriately with ethical issues that the authors of this case study fail to comprehend? You are trying to see where Lululemon did the right things and the authors are portraying them as doing the wrong things. The reverse is also true, i.e., Lululemon is being portrayed as doing things right, but are actually doing the wrong things. You want to look for different ways to think about the various ethical issues the authors point out in this case, i.e., how to spin them in a more positive light.)3. How is Lululemon perceived by the various stakeholders (except employees?) (You ought to see where some stakeholders see Lululemon differently.)4. How ethical do you believe that the employees of Lululemon see their company and its management? (You ought to be able to see that employees have different perspectives.)5. To avoid negative publicity and ethical challenges going forward, what steps should Lululemon take to improve its image among: (A) customers and (B) employees? (You are using your analysis and evaluation skills to answer this question.)6. How do the issues raised in this case agree with a Christian Worldview?