What app works best for designing the kind of document you’re making?

Note: Because this assignment is not a traditional written assignment, expect to spend more time than usual on planning, strategy, and layout/design.
1. List the active reading strategies identified in the texts you read for this module. Decide which ones will be included in the document you design to teach fellow SLU students about Active Reading.
2. Decide the look, design, and platform (brochure, bookmark, flyer) for your document.What app works best for designing the kind of document you’re making? Is there a template available that can save you the trouble of designing the layout of the page? (Hint: Windows users might consider MS Publisher, and Mac users might consider Apple’s Pages. Each of those apps has plenty of available, creative templates to get you started.)What color scheme, and font makes sense for what you are trying to do?How can you share things you make in that app? (Hint: most apps can export or print to PDF.)
3. Decide what content goes where.What do the students you are teaching need to know to be able to read actively? In what order do they need to learn those things, and how will they navigate the document? What legal graphics, pictures, fonts, colors, and spatial layout would help them understand the concepts you are trying to teach them?
4. Write your content and build your document.5. Annotate your final document, justifying or explaining the choices you made in it by providing at least 8-10 separate annotations.