Western Opera and Asia, discussion question

youtube.com/watch?v=Wzlj37Byd3A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-Js7aRMeOA Prompt: After finishing L’itliana in Algeri and knowing a bit more about the historical context, do you feel that the opera is and example of, as Saide puts it, “texts that happily co-existed with or lent support to the global enterprise of Europe and American empire?” — or that it is a prototypical European entertainment, at best aimed as commentary on the political situation in Italy during the early 19th century? Do you feel the characters are more Italian/Turkish, i.e. nationalistic/cultural in nature or more a derivation of the commedia dell’arte (or other) archetypes? Please give examples. If you would like to investigate commedia dell’arte types more, here is website that is quite extensive in character names and descriptions: https://www.tim-shane.com/Commedia-Innamorati.htm (Links to an external site.) Requirements: 1 initial post, minimum post 300 words including a reference to one of the readings. Discussion 2 – Carmen and Exoticism Link for Carmen http://metopera.org/Season/On-Demand/opera/?upc=811357013533 And https://opera-guide.ch/operas/carmen/ And 2 pdf about Carmen What is the moral/meaning/lesson of the opera Carmen? Do you feel any character is to blame in the opera? Do you feel Carmen’s way of life is wrong? Do you feel Don José is wrong in the way he reacts? What do you think of the role of fate/destiny in the opera? original post – 300 words Discussion 3 – Madama Butterfly and Japonisme Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3stgof-xyN0 And pdf Do you feel that the opera Madama Butterfly stereotypes Japanese culture? If so, accurately or unfairly? What about Americans and American culture? Does this opera support a conception of Western dominance over Japan? 1 post – 300 words

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