week 5 project

You will also create a document which includes the information from part 1 of the project, revised based on feedback, and part 2 of the project, and developed this week. For part 2 of the project, develop the following information: Based on part 1’s analysis, indicate a set of realistic fundraising activities that the nonprofit will conduct to achieve its fundraising priorities. There should be a minimum of three types of activities indicated. The amount of funds each type of activity will yield should be included in this section. Related to each fundraising activity, indicate the main tasks that will be conducted to complete each activity, what type of stakeholder will complete each main task, and when the task will be completed. This information should be presented in a Microsoft Word table inserted into the assignment. Some tasks should be completed by volunteers. Briefly discuss why each type of stakeholder was selected to perform the specific assigned tasks. Discuss strategies for recruitment of the various types of stakeholders that will complete fundraising assignments. Recommend specific methods to recruit each type of stakeholder. Analyze potential ethical and logistical issues related to each fundraising activity and make recommendations to address each issue. Provide an overall summative evaluation of the nonprofit’s fundraising capabilities. Submit a written document that includes the analysis information developed in week 3, revised based on feedback, and the information developed in week 5, detailed above The document should include a: Cover page Analysis information from week 3 revised based on feedback Summary of the fundraising activities that will be conducted to achieve the nonprofit’s funding priorities Fundraising Plan as a Microsoft Word table inserted into the document Stakeholder and recruitment information Potential ethical and logistical issues and recommendations Evaluation of the nonprofit’s fundraising capabilities Reference page Case Statement as an appendix Submission Details: Cite all sources and provide references in APA format on a separate pa

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