Week 2 Critical Thinking Assignment- Cody

Purpose: The following assignment is designed to give you experience in defining a belief, and observe the means of justification you use as you describe your belief. When you’ve completed this assignment, you’ll have practiced identifying knowledge in its classical form, and you’ll have evaluated a model of justification. You are doing this assignment to a) experience and reflect upon the foundations of belief, and b) to prepare for the assignment in Week 3.Instructions: Spend a few minutes reflecting on something you believe in deeply. This could be a facet of your faith/religion, your political point of view, or an issue that is often debated publically.Part 1: Describe this belief in detail in 300-400 words. Here are some starting points for you to consider:What are some of the grounds upon which you believe this position to be true (more than one)?Whose testimony do you trust to provide support?What data do you rely upon to support your belief?How does your worldview provide support?Be sure to avoid generalities and be as specific as possible.Part 2: Reflect upon how it feels when others disagree with your position on this issue in 600-800 words. You may consider addressing the following:What do you believe they are missing?What justification do others use to believe something else?How would one go about establishing truth in this scenario? Try your best to understand the other person, rather than dismissing them with your evidence.How do they come to a different conclusion?