Water Contamination in Clovis, New Mexico in relation to Cannon Air Force Base

Here is the situation:A number of nonprofit organizations and foundations are interested in investing in your community. They are interested because your community (or part of it) has been identified as distressed in some way. Perhaps a local school needs help with its programs, or perhaps there are too few recreation facilities in local parks. Perhaps there are too few cultural events planned for the population, or perhaps there is a drug or alcohol problem that has become very obvious. Perhaps there are many homeless people in your community, or a high illiteracy rate. Perhaps there is a problem with the number of stray dogs and cats which live on the streets. Perhaps your public library needs to be improved. Perhaps there is an environmental problem which needs to be cleaned up. You create the situation and the project; these can be fictional. Before you begin this assignment, define a project which you can pretend that your City Council is considering. The Council has asked you, as a member of the Council and the community, to prepare a report regarding its likely success.
Prepare a formal report, entitled Report and Recommendation.Please include at least two of the following: tables and/or charts. These can be fictional, but carefully consider their appearance and placement.