Was random selection or random assignment used?

Length and Font
2-4 pages longdouble spacedSize 12 font in Calibri, Arial, or Times New RomanInclude a Title
Center your title with two lines of information:
Math 100 Fall 2021your topic title or topic question
Include the source(s) of your article(s)
Most students will use one article, but a few students may need more.
Your sources may go at the beginning or end of your paper. Cite your sources using APA, MLA styles as a guide. I won’t be as particular about this as one of your other instructors who teach courses that regularly collect papers.
4 or more Paragraphs
Label the following paragraphs in your paper for me please
Introduction (first paragraph)Summary (one or more paragraphs)Analysis (one or more paragraphs)Conclusion (last paragraph)
Please include background information in your introduction to set the stage for the topic. Imagine that you are presenting this to your classmates and want to give them an introduction to the topic in general. You could include why this topic was of interest to you as well.
Summary and/or Analysis
Include the following information about the statistical study
State what the population is that they were trying to studyState what the sample is (sample size and other details about the sample)Identify the type of study: observational study or experimentWas random selection or random assignment used? (or both)If random selection, what type of sampling technique? (systematic, stratified, etc.)If random assignment, what factors did they use to break up the groups (gender, age, ethnicity, etc.)If an experiment, was a placebo used?Is there any potential bias?
A note about the Analysis Paragraph
If you use other sources of information besides your selected article for comparison/verification, place this information in the analysis section.
Besides providing a wrap-up, state whether you agree or disagree with the article’s conclusion and why. Think about our notes from Lesson 5.2. Observational studies do not show cause and effect.


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