Homework 1 Assignment is to answer the essay questions at the end of the chapter from the class textbook.
Submission: The answers to these questions need to be typed and submitted in “Assignments” in the class D2L page.
Chapter 2 Problems 1 and 4; Chapter 3 Problems 3, 7, and 9
Question 2.1. What are the five typical physical units-of-measure in which productis handled in a warehouse? For each unit-of-measure, state whether there are anystandardized dimensions and, if so, identify them.Question 2.4. Why is random storage (shared storage) likely to generate more spaceefficiency in a pallet storage area than where cartons are stored directly on shelves?
Question 3.3. What is “batch-picking” and what are its costs and benefits?Question 3.7. Why is the receiving staff in a typical warehouse much smaller than thestaff of order-pickers?Question 3.9. Define the following:• Pick face• Sku density• Pick density