Walter White/Walter Mitty

“The Secret Life of Walter White” and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”Homework questionsFrom the following list of questions, choose ONE to answer. Your answer should be one full page in length (double-spaced, 12 pt font). Please make sure to use a quote from the article or the short story as you answer the question. Engage critically with the question you choose. Avoid just summarizing. Instead, use both summary and analysis as critical, evaluative tools for setting forth your ideas.1. What type of men are Walter Mitty and Walter White? What similarities do they share? Explain.2. What do Walter Mitty and Walter White’s fantasies and efforts seem to promise them? What risks are they willing to assume? Explain.3. In both titles what is implied by the word “secret”? Why do you believe John Wrathall borrowed this title for his article on Breaking Bad? Explain.4. After reading both the article and the short story, explain what you believe to be the most important similarity between Walter White and Walter Mitty? What do you believe to be the most significant difference? Explain.