Waco incidents, do O’Hara/Sainato

Answer one of the following queries (independent research may be necessary):In comparing the MOVE and Waco incidents, do O’Hara/Sainato stress the similarities or differences between the two incidents?  What are their reasons for doing so? Why do they advise researchers to be cautious about interpretations of organizational failure by groups advancing specific agendas?  What sources do the authors see as most likely to help identify what exactly happened to precipitate a major organizational breakdown? In discussing the Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown, Dorner observes that employees in many organizations routinely violate safety rules and cut other corners. What does Dorner believe reinforces employees who violate safety and other rules? Test Dorner’s assertion that these behaviors are widespread by considering places you’ve worked and/or work situations you know of. To what degree did the employees in the situations you identify comply with rules regarding safety, or the rules in general? Why?