W4-Midterm Source Essay: Boston Massacre

In a 4-5 page, double-spaced essay, use only the primary source evidence in The Trial of Captain Thomas Preston: Key Evidence to examine what really happened at the Boston Massacre. Was Captain Preston guilty of murder or innocent?In the fall of 1770 Captain Preston, the officer in charge of the British troops involved in the Boston Massacre, was put on trial for the murder of five Bostonians. This assignment requires that you read the testimony provided in the Key Evidence and use it to determine Preston’s guilt or innocence. This will entail carefully reading the testimony. As you read, take notes and indicate who the witness was, what they say about where Preston was standing, what he was doing and what he was wearing. Divide the witnesses into those who indicate guilt and those who dismiss Preston from responsibility. Then, after collecting the evidence, make a determination of guilt or innocence based on that evidence. In your paper, argue for one or the other using the evidence to support your argument/thesis.Be sure to refer specifically to the evidence. Cite sources in footnotes (See the Writing Skills Unit)! Late policy applies.