Select two vitamins and discuss their history. When and how were they discovered and purified? Write the structures.2) What role do they play in nutrition?3) How do they interact with our bodies? Be specific with the biochemical interactions.4) Discuss food sources of these vitamins. Give actual vitamin content in each food discussed.5) How does cooking, freezing, baking affect the stability of these vitamins? Are some vitamins more susceptible to heat degradation and oxidation than others?6) Discuss vitamin supplements and vitamin uptake in our bodies. Should everyone take vitamin supplements? What is the NIH opinion on this?7) Discuss vitamin deficiencies and diseases. Present a brief history of some of these diseases.8) Discuss RDA requirements and can some vitamins be abused by taking too much? Can these vitamin supplements actually be toxic?9) Compare and contrast taking vitamin supplements with just vitamins from natural food.This announcement is closed for comments