Visual Analysis of the arch of titus with primary source “The Jewish War”

Please use sources from the excerpt of “The Jewish War” that I have attached.This is what my professor wrote “you must analyze the image in relationship to a primary source text, the excerpt fromThe Jewish Wars (for the Arch of Titus). Your essay must have a focused thesis that makes an argument about the visual appearance of theimage in relationship to its historical meaning or context as discerned from the primary sources(students can also use the course readings and lectures to augment their discussion of the meaningand context). This means that your thesis statement must say something about the visual qualities ofthe image, and how it relates to its historical meaning, context, and/or function. A thesis statementwill typically answer a question (examples of possible questions that can be asked of either work ofart are offered below). Consider Titus’ triumphal procession in Rome following the Roman victory in Jerusalem as portrayedon the triumphal arch, and a historical account of that day provided by a Jewish author who heldallegiance to Rome.You can analyze the relief sculptures on both sides of the arch, or focus on just one.Your thesis statement could answer one of the following questions:-How (i.e.: using what visual qualities) does the Arch of Titus convey the triumphal atmosphereexpressed/described in Flavius Josephus’ text?-How does the Arch of Titus differ from the account of the triumphal procession described in TheJewish War (i.e.: what is given visual emphasis, what is omitted, etc.) and how does the image conveysubtly different messages to the viewer than the text? How can this be accounted for, consideringthe function of the arch?-What aspects of Titus’ triumphal procession (as described in The Jewish War) have Roman artistsfocused on in their sculpture of this event in the Arch of Titus, and what effect might this have hadfor the viewer?