Vapa part 2,and 3

Part 2PART 2: VAPA INTEGRATION & COMMENTARY* (10points)Provide a VAPA commentary that explains the Arts Integration of the 5E lesson. The VAPA commentary should be about one page typed, double spaced, and 12-point font. The VAPA Commentary should include:The CA Arts Standard(s) that was integrated in the lesson and an explanation ofhowthe VAPA instruction was integrated into thelessonDescriiption of how the VAPA instruction supports learning in thecontentDescriiption of how the VAPA instruction support student engagement andmotivationDescriiption of how the VAPA instruction build 21stCentury Learning andInnovation Skills (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, andCommunication)Part 3PART 3: Lesson Plan Rationale Assignment* (25 points) Thinking about the Learning needs for the whole class and target student groups, provide aLesson Plan Rationale. Your rationale will be no less than two full-page double-spaced pages andaddressing the following: a.Student Assets and Learning Needs: Explain how the lesson plan incorporates or buildson students’ cultural and linguistic resources, socioeconomic backgrounds, funds ofknowledge, prior experiences, and interests related to the content of the lesson.b.Student Learning Activities: Explain why you selected the learning activities and howyou will engage all students in higher-order thinking (analysis, synthesis, evaluation,interpretation, transfer) and applications of concepts or skills to purposefully advancetheir understanding of the specific content (e.g., use of manipulatives, think-pair-share,models, drawings or maps, graphic organizers, performances, demonstrations, labs).c.Instructional Strategies: Explain why you used specific instructional strategies and whatadaptations you made to improve student access to learning. Describe how yousupported student engagement with the content you are teaching in this lesson (e.g.,modeling, scaffolding, asking questions, providing instructions to guide an activity).d.Student Grouping: Explain your rationale for grouping students in this lesson—wholeclass, small group, pairs, individual—and why you think this will support studentlearning.e.Academic Language Development: How did you address the academic languagedevelopment needs of the students you are teaching, including English learners and Standard English learners? What vocabulary or terminology was necessary to access thecontent?f.Resources and Materials to Support Learning: Explain why you chose particularresources and materials to support student learning and language demands in thislesson.g.Assessments: Explain how the assessments check on students’ understanding of the content taught during the lesson.h.Developmental Considerations (e.g., social-emotional, typical and atypical child development): Explain how the lesson plan addresses the developmental considerations of your students