Vaccine Mandates

a. State of interest : FLORIDAb. Investigate the current vaccine mandates in place, including but not limited to, covid-19, in that state. Discuss theaspects that you believe needs to be shared with your boss who is wondering whether a vaccinemandate in her state-wide advocacy for a mandate is needed..c. For that same state, investigate the current anti-vaccination laws and provide an overview of themto your boss.d. Discuss the current context of covid-19 in that state, both factually (i.e., data) and from a politicalpoint of view, i.e., address the current climate and context in that state. Be succinct that your boss isprobably mostly aware of the situation, but provide her a concise overview of where things currently stand.e. Look for guidelines from the AHA, AMA, ACHE, or any other relevant professional organizations,on vaccine mandates within health organizations, in general and covid-19 mandates in particular.f. Report court decisions or pending law suits in your state and at the federal level on vaccinemandates in general and covid-19 vaccine mandates specifically. If there is no law suit in your state,discuss a couple of ones having occurred in other states, which you believe would be helpful to yourCEO. Explain the decisions and the implications for your CEO (i.e., the organization). Here, youneed to avoid using the legal or court jargon, or at a minimum define the terms you use, if they arenecessary.g. Summarize the general context faced by your organization and your CEO around a possible covid-19 mandate within the organization, and provide some arguments in favor of such organization-level mandate and some arguments against such mandate.h. Similarly, provide arguments in favor and against a state-level mandate. Be as nuanced as isnecessary for your boss to be well-informed and have solid arguments.