Utilising Analytics in a Restaurant Business in Thailand

The idea is I would like to focus on small-medium restaurant business in Thailand, helping them to survive through the crisis, decision making and make improvement etc. with the help of business analytics. Analytical approach is needed in this 4.0 era, even if they are small or medium restaurant business.
MScBA– Subject: Business Analytics– Analytics / consultancy project– Taking a consultancy approach to the dissertation in the form of utilising analytics for the restaurant business.
Methodology: a clear reference to your ‘observable concepts’ or research variables, encapsulated by your conceptual framework.the identification of the relevant evidence and associated data sources to support your argument and help you achieve your research objectives.a choice of method(s) for data collection. By identifying your data sources you should then have a fairly clear idea of the methods appropriate to collecting data from these sources.a choice of method(s) for data analysis. By identifying your data sources and data collection method(s) you should then have a fairly clear idea of the methods appropriate to analysing data from these sources.When identifying the sources of evidence or data, and when planning the data collection, you may decide that you will collect most of the data yourself (primary data), or you may decide that you will use mostly data collected by second parties (secondary data). Also, you may decide to investigate or research an issue with a specific organisation in mind – a client organisation – rather than a generic organisation. Indicate in this section your dissertation orientation:
Consultancy-based – typically a mix of primary and secondary data collected in one specific organisation mainly with a view to drawing conclusions for this specific organisation (that is with a client organisation in mind)
Note: The detailed Research Proposal must be submitted via the ETHOS system, as part of your application for Ethics clearance. Please note that it is necessary to obtain Ethics clearance from your supervisor before starting the execution of your project. Your supervisor will approve the Ethics clearance via the ETHOS system.