Unit 4 IP Intelligence Policies and Legal Issues

This new legislation was an effort to update and strengthen laws governing the investigation and prosecution of terrorism. Contained within this act were 16 sunset provisions or statues within the law that would expire at the end of 2005. These provisions were all contained within Title II of the act and dealt with enhanced surveillance procedures for use by U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Although these provisions were set to expire in 2005, most of these provisions have since been extended. These provisions include the following sections: 201 202 203(b) 203(d) 204 206 207 209 212 214 215 217 218 220 223 225. Assignment Guidelines For this assignment, you must write assessments on 3-5 of these provisions. This assignment is more than just a summary of the chosen provisions and should include an analytical assessment of the provision. Address the following in 3-5 pages: Include the following for each of your selected provisions: An explanation as to how and to what extent this provision has changed the legal landscape A summary of how U.S. law enforcement and intelligence have used this provision to protect the U.S. homeland. An analysis of criticisms and controversy over this provision Recommendations for changes or improvements to this provision A detailed outline is a must! Introduction, recommendation, conclusion,

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