Understanding identity






To understand identity, it is important to reflect on your own evolving identities. Please do the following:

Identify your identities as an adolescent (son, daughter, Christian, friend, dancer, soccer player, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, cheerleader, Asian, American Indian, etc.)
Identify your current identities (e.g., mother, daughter, son, friend, aunt, uncle, father, dancer, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, Christian, soccer player, gay, lesbian, etc.
Evaluate the ways in which your identities shifted and evolved over time. Which identities still define you? Which identities no longer define who you are and why? In which contexts do your current identities become salient (or important)? Also, discuss how your identities intersect to make you truly unique. For example, does your faith define who you are no matter the context? Does being a Black female vs. a Black male have a unique impact on you and your functioning?
Evaluate the assistance you had (or didn’t have) when developing your multiple identities in childhood and adolescence. Based on your experience, how can you assist adolescents in the development of their ever-evolving identities to help them make sense of their worlds?



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