Un-domestic Violence

The paper should be 5-7 pages long (12 point font, double spaced). Use at least 8 sources, at least 5 of which are academic from peer-reviewed publications, at least 4 of which are not required course readings. The beginning bibliography annotated (including at least 5 sources – 4 academic sources, 2 academic sources
o A general overview of the problem or issue you researched. (2-4 paragraphs) o A page about the problem in more detail, with some statistics and data, andreferences to different authors who have researched the problem.o A two or three page discussion about what kinds of strategies and policies areused to, or could, address the problem, and what perspectives several different scholars have on the issue and its solutions (a brief review of the literature). Compare the views of the various scholars you read, and with the class discussions and readings. Include alternative community-based strategies.o Recommendations for community-based practices and/or policies that will address the problem; and why. (1-2pages)o Summary and Conclusions – summarize what you have learned, what promise some solutions have; and your recommended solutions. Were there particular readings you thought we of most help? What more would you want to know and/or what more needs to be known or done to address the problem?o Bibliography APA style (not counted in page count). Minimum 8 sources (at least 5 must be academic peer reviewed)