Tuskegee-Willowbrook Role play

Write a short paragraph from the point of view of the person(s) you were assigned to read about. Write as if you were that individual.Introduce yourself and your role in the research. Were you in favor of conducting the research or did you object to it? Were you a victim or a perpetrator? Defend your point of view in the context of public health concerns about syphilis and hepatitis outbreaks. Express yourfeelings, which may include, e.g., regret or anger. Look back at the events that took place and talk about your role in history.Your response should be ~100 words.Remember to stay in character as you write your response: For example, if you were assigned the role of President Clinton, you should postas if you were President Clinton by saying, for example, “I, President Bill Clinton, would like to apologize to the participants…”