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Check the article carefully to make sure that it is indeed a scholarly research article by asking yourself the following: 1) Does it have all of the sections of a research paper (see the handout “Sections of a Research Paper”)?; 2) Is it well-written and intended for an academic audience?; and 3) Does it have the kind of length that would make sense if the authors performed a research study? Please see the handout “Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Magazine Articles” for more information.

For your final term project submission, you may decide that these sources were not the best ones for your paper. You can make adjustments and use different sources in your final submission. It is also expected that you will add additional sources to your final term project submission beyond what you have identified at this time.

Your submission will be evaluated in terms of formatting (see the handout “Writing a Research Paper” for details about how to present scholarly journal articles in APA format) and identification of appropriate sources. Submit your references in Microsoft Word format by the due date in order to receive credit.