You are to write a 6-page essay on genetics/molecular biology for non-specialists, with a focus on one of the Nobel Prize topics TRANSCRIPTION IN EUKARYOTES. . Then, you should provide an update on research in that scientific field by highlighting the work of at least 5 other related, primary-research papers from the last 5 years (not including review articles). you should describe the newer papers in sufficient detail that the reader can understand how the key results were obtained, and how they related back to or build on the background work. The connections between the newer papers should also be highlighted, to create a synthesized summary of the recent work. Finally, you will provide a “look to the future” and discuss 2-3 types of experiments, projects, or applications of the work that you think will be interesting next steps for researchers to take and that will advance the field.Project details. The content should be in the style of a Scientific American or New York Times article, clearly state the importance of the work, and be interesting and understandable to a college-educated, general audience; however, it must also include some experimental detail on the newest data. You must cite the original work in the text in (author, date) format, and you should avoid using review articles or textbooks as references. In addition to the 6-pages (single-spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins (or, 12 pages double-spaced).