Time Management Plan

See the table below for a sample time management plan. This time management plan will allow you to realistically plan for your study time and will show you when you have blocks of time that are open to meet with your Team Assignments Group during the week. NOTE: Not all the tasks below will take a total of two-three hours, but the table gives you an idea of how you could create your own schedule.
Instructions:Using the KINE 2350 Time Management Sample Plan templateActions , save as a MSWord document ONLY on your computer.Modify the table to make it work for your weekly schedule. For example, be sure to think about the hours you work, sleep, exercise, eat, take care of family members, etc. The more specific you are, the more apt you are to stick to your schedule. Be sure to allow some extra time, or a “cushion,” especially when you may need some additional time to finalize and/or submit an assignment. Also, allow time for technical issues. Although we cannot always predict those, they do happen! You will only need to include a schedule for one week.