This weeks lecture is a movie about developmental psychology, which follows the life of a young man over the course of 10 years as he grows up in an average American family.

Essay 2 needs be at least 500 words but no more than 600. The essay should find terms from Chapter 10 to describe the different milestones that the main character Mason achieved during the film. “Milestones” is a term used in developmental psychology to describe certain benchmarks that a developing individual should meet in order to become or achieve healthy maturity. You will notice there are many milestones that Mason exhibits during the film, your job is to choose the ones that relate to Mason from this film titled “Boyhood” and to write a 500 word essay about them. Please cite at least 3 terms from your Developmental Psychology textbook when writing about Mason’s milestones. Citing requires you to include where from Chapter 10 you got the terms from. However this essay does not need to be in any official format like APA or MLA, as its an opinion paper. It does not need a work cited page or an abstract or cover page. Simply a 500 word essay that includes a title and your name, date and class at the top of the essay and citations to where in the textbook you got your terms. Examples of milestones are Self-Esteem, Emotional-regulation, Coping with Stress and Moral Development. Once you identify where in the movie the term was exhibited you want to write about why you feel the main character Mason exhibited them and how.