This is a literary research paper on Joyce Carol Oates Read her work “Where are You Going, Where Have you Been” and examine this for a thesis.

-Joyce Carol Oates is a contemporary female author who remakes 19th Century feminist themes in a modern landscape of teenage troubles wrought with dominating parents and sibling rivalry. Her dark narratives often delve into the mysterious world of adolescence where ancient demon lovers masquerade as modern rock stars and naïve characters struggle with dark forces and glamorous surfaces. The nature of love and sexual power are often central issues in her stories. Read her work “Where are You Going, Where Have you Been” and examine this for a thesis. You might consider Connie’s vulnerability as a victim and the struggle for autonomy; you might also consider the social forces that Oates depicts as violent influences that erupt from ordinary scenes. (A movie version of the short story was made under the title “Smooth Talk”).
-This is a literary research paper and then developing a thesis that pertains to a literary aspect of the work (i.e. theme, character analysis, motif, symbolism, style, etc.).
-The purpose of this paper is to support and develop an original thesis. Therefore, you will need to narrow your ideas and frame a thesis that is suitable for the length of this paper.


How have you practiced continuous learning? What qualities or habits have helped you the most to continue learning? What challenges do you face when it comes to continuous learning? How have you addressed these challenges?
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Select an influential figure from any of the assigned readings and address their significance and influence. How was this individual influenced by the previous history? How was this person influenced by his or her own time? How important was this person’s legacy? What influence do they still hold today? The manner of influence may be economic, political, religious, aesthetic, military, etc.

research a current issue around race, class, and/or gender and crime in the context of one sector of U.S. Criminal Justice System (CJS) processes (e.g., law enforcement, courts, corrections).

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Read Zinn, chapter 19

Considering critical thinking and ethical decision making models learned in PHIL101, share what decision you would make in your chosen situation along with your reasons why.