Thinking and Communicating with DataAssignmentsPre-Reflection

Write a brief reflection to answer the questions below. Write it as if you were writing to a prospective employer. Be as specific as you can:  when discussing strengths and weaknesses. 1. Why is it important to understand the relationship between data and society?2. Describe the value of data summaries, especially for large data repositories.3. What is the role of visualizations in recognizing patterns and trends?4. Why is it important to construct arguments using patterns and trends in data?5. Why is it important for you to learn about the ethical, privacy and security issues behind data, both in your personal and in professional life?6. How does learning to communicate with data help to make you more employable?7. How do you expect to apply this badge to your major?8. How do you expect this badge to provide useful skills related to your future career?