There has been much speculation in the media regarding vaccinations and whether they cause more harm than good.

For this assignment, you will write the first page of your argumentative research paper. The first paragraph will be the introduction and should show your personal connection and/or interest in your topic. First, there should be an engaging “hook” that draws the reader into the introduction. Then, transition to describing your personal connection and/or interest in the topic. Why did you choose this topic? What has been your experience with this topic? What did you know about it before you started research? (Be sure to keep this information in the third person)
Make sure the last sentence of the introduction paragraph is the thesis statement. This is necessary to show readers the argument you plan on presenting to your audience, the argument you are presenting in the paper, and give your reasoning for why you believe what you do. (Remember from the lectures in Week 1 that your thesis statement should be an explicit one – that is, tell us your claim and 3 reasons that support the claim. A strong thesis statement is critical to a successful argumentative paper, and if you have that in place now, you will find the structure of the paper will progress smoothly).
For the rest of the page, explain for readers who may have no idea what your topic is about. Think, what does my reader need to know before I start my argument? Focus on facts.
Some questions that will guide my research are:1. Is this a violation of HIPPA and other privacy laws since it relates to medical records?
2. What can be done in cases of injury or illness related to vaccinations?
3. What kind of change will we see in disease and those affected in that area?
4. When can people be exempt from this law?
5. How will this law be regulated fairly?