Therapy Discussion

For this discussion you must first read Chapter Thirteen in the text. Please do not just start discussing the topic; the material in the chapter must drive the discussion. Remember, for some of your people this topic is very real, so please be sensitive.

Now consider the following points:

Chapter Thirteen chronicles the history of treatment from the middle-ages to present and discusses the past and present treatments available for the mentally ill. Obviously, the choice of treatment for a particular person experiencing a particular psychological disorder is complex and requires significant knowledge and expertise in mental health, but for these questions I want you to pretend.

If you were personally afflicted with a psychological disorder that responded equally well to any of the treatments covered in the chapter, which of the following treatments would you choose for yourself: drug therapy, traditional psycho-analysis, client-centered therapy, aversion therapy, operant conditioning (behavior modification), or cognitive therapy? Explain in your answer the strength of the therapy as explained in the textbook that causes you to select this particular approach.

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