Theology paper

theology paper
my essay question is Are human beings sinners who need to be saved from something? Why or why not? it is for a theology final paper. the class is called the problem of god
900-1100 words so im guessing 4? im not sure how many pages that would be. Double spaced as well
We need to use certain sources and are only allowed to support or go against the sources depending on the position we choose. Ill leave the citations for the sourcesElizabeth Johnson, “Atheism and Faith in a Secular World,” in Abounding in Kindness:Writings for the People of God
Roger E. Olson, “Medieval Scholastic Philosopher-Theologian Thomas Aquinas and TreeHugger Francis of Assisi Enthuse on How to Know God”, in God in Dispute: Conversationsamong Great Christian Thinkers,those are the two sources