Theatre Project

The Course Project is an opportunity for students to write critically about theatre. You may choose any of the following options to fulfill this assignment. Options 1 and 2 are worth 100 points. You may also do more than one Option 1 and Option 2 course project. You may do as many critical reviews of Digital Theatre Plus plays (Option 2) as you like. You may also do additional Option 1 course projects, writing about fifty more things you learned in the course. Each additional course project is worth 100 points and can be used as extra-credit.
OPTION 1. Write about what you learned in this courseSelect fifty things that you have learned in this course.The 50 Things course project is intended to be your recap of the things you remember most or find most interesting and important in this class. It allows you to focus on and write about the things that you choose.This project should not be studied for or copied from the textbook. The book may be used, of course, for reference, quotes, dates, spelling, etc., but the things on the list should be the things that stuck with you throughout the course, the material that you found most interesting, or the facts and details that pop into your head as you write the paper, not passages copied from the book. You may of course keep notes throughout the semester of things that strike you for whatever reason and then include them when you write the paper. You should frequently comment on your entries, pointing out that you hadn’t known this or that before, agreeing or disagreeing with a statement or point of view, adding personal insight, elaborating on the statement you made, etc.The 50 entries should be numbered but do not have to be in any particular order.Each entry must be at least one complete sentence, but you should write more than that, and you may write as much as you want for each one. One simple statement of information for an entry is the minimum requirement to pass; to earn the highest grade, and to make your paper more interesting, personal comments, examples, explanations, etc., as mentioned above, should be included on many of your entries.While this option may be turned in before the end of the semester, you should not write it until you have completed the majority of your course material. The fifty things should not be limited to just a few chapters. The fifty entries you make should cover a wide range of the course material, and they should also include things you learned from reading or viewing some of the supplemental learning materials provided in each unit. However, you should also feel free to emphasize particular areas of interest, such as Shakespeare or musicals or technical aspects of theatre or whatever. It’s OK to have multiple entries on one topic, such as ancient Greece or the role of the director – if that topic really interests you.While I generally don’t take off for spelling or grammar, I expect papers to be neat and as well-written as you can make them.The course project should be sent to me through Blackboard e-mail, either as the e-mail or an attachment.