The Western Film Slides

Introduction and Alignment
The Western has come to symbolize American cinema. Its images are instantly recognizable the world over. Anyone who lived in the real west knew it wasn’t very romantic. But thousands of dime novels and comic books fed an insatiable public with thrilling tales of the frontier.
Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:
Describe the elements that led to the development of the Western film.
Chapter 11 in your textbook.The Western (54:58)
AssignmentUsing PowerPoint, Google Slides , Piktochart, or another tool, create a presentation exploring the development of the Western film.
Create 8-9 slides (including a Title slide and References slide) describing the following elements and themes of Hollywood Westerns. Outside sources are not required, but please identify any outside sources used in your research.
Ensure the following points are addressed:· Literary background (dime novels & pulp fiction)· The Western as struggle for national identity
· Cowboy hero role in Westerns· Female roles in Westerns· Conflicts with Native Americans in Westerns
· Anti-heroes (frontiersmen without a new frontier) in late Westerns· Modernization of the Western: Space, the Final Frontier